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Friday, January 22, 2010

ummm... this is embarrassing

So it's been awhile since I last had a post... ok, ok. It has been 3 months! wow...3 months.. Looking back it seems like all that time flew by. And all I can say is...
The last 3 months have been, I.N.S.A.N.E. around our house it was not only the holiday season, which I know is crazy, busy for everyone. (we had a faaabulous holiday season by the way. I felt very blessed. I hope yours was just as fabulous)

We moved!
Did you hear that? The clouds parted, the angels descended, and played a triumphant hallelujahs song...AHHHHH!!!

Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine moving, especially with a baby who is ferociously unpacking everything you just packed, is stressful. So to make a long story short in the past 3 months there has been random family stuff, Thanksgiving, unpacking, repacking, unpacking, moving, unpacking, ear infection, ear infection, Santa came to town!, organizing, ear infection, my little man's first birthday! *tear* he's so big now, he's a toddler(which toddlerhood has already brought a huge attitude), Happy 2010!, party, ear infection, surgery for ear tubes for the little man, and now.....breathe.
Holy smokes right?

But those shouldn't be my excuses for the lack of commitment to this new little blog. So I'm sorry... Be ready for all my rambling and randomness in the next couple days, as I am going to do my best to post OFTEN. Maybe not everyday, but a couple times a week.

Sooo.. In the spirit of all this being totally embarrassing that I have slacked big time on this blog.. I'm going to list a few embarrassing facts, stories, and/or obsessions about yours truly...It's only fair right? So here we go..enjoy:

Embarrassing fact number 1:
When I was little I loved MacGyver!! ok, ok... I still love MacGyver. The guy is AWESOME! I don't know if it is long, shaggy, sweet mullet, or his crafty, resourcefulness. Who else can make a bomb or an escape utensil with a toilet paper roll, toothpick, paper clip and a pencil? When you’re in a bind ask yourself, "What would MacGyver do?" And have you seen the SNL sketches about "McGroober?" ahh... soo funny.

Embarrassing fact number 2:
I am a SUCKER for bad reality TV. I always say how stupid it is and what a waste of time... But I still get sucked in to, The House Wives of Orange County or Atlanta.. or wherever, The Hills, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Real World, and even...Jersey Shore WHY? why TV people do you make such addicting shows that I swear I will never watch but do anyway!?!
(FYI: American Idol, Biggest Loser, Project Runway, and America's Next Top Model are not bad reality TV shows... Just thought I needed to clarify)
(I was gonna post a picture of the infamous "Snookie" and "The Situation" here from Jersey Shore...but I couldnt come to bring myself to have their picture on my blog. So google them and see her big old weird hair for yourself and pretend its here)

Embarrassing fact number 3:
I'm pretty accident prone. I have a couple scars on my legs from shaving. I have cut myself SO bad a few times I have left big gouges in my leg and they bleed forever. Everyone will be proud to know that I haven't cut myself in a long, long time. However since Ive had my little man and its winter time it takes a "special occasion" to shave my legs. My poor husband...and I never shave my thighs, my knees are a great "stopping place" :) again...poor husband. Although the underarms always get taken care of, cause that's really gross to neglect. (That's probably tmi, but I didn't want you to judge me too much on my lack of shaving habits.) Just last year I dropped a hot iron, and it fell on my leg. Definitely a yucky burn and a nice little scar. I've been this accident prone all my life. I fell so many times on my awesome Barbie bike. It wasn't unusual for my knees and arms and face to be all scabbed up. I went into the dentist many times because of bike crashes. I was eventually made to not only wear a helmet when riding my bike, but knee and elbow pads and.... a mouth guard. Yes people, like a football player’s mouth guard. I can only imagine what people thought when they saw me pedaling down the street. When I was a junior in high school, I had a guy I was dating shoot me in the leg with a pellet gun (it was an accident, but of course that’s something random that would happen to me.) It has left a nice little circular scar on my leg. That's another story for another day though. Needless to say, I am always running into something, or dropping things.

Embarrassing fact number 4
I hate, hate swimming! It's not the whole getting in a swim suit thing, which I don't like at all either. Especially after my body being stretched to the max while preggo, leaving this gross saggy almost fanny pack of skin and stretch marks... eww... again, sorry if that's tmi, but we are bonding here :) But it's the water thing that happens to come with swimming.... I don't like putting my head under water. I hate how it feels. I think with all the issues I had with my ears when I was younger is why I hate it. With all the sets of tubes and things with my ears I was always told to not get my ears wet. I had sweet bright orange ear plugs that were specially made for my ears that I had to wear when I would swim. I HATED them! So I would rather not swim then wear those bright orange monsters. I do know how to swim though. I have a good mom who no matter how much I hated it, would make me take swimming lessons every summer. So if I am in a life or death situation I do know how to swim.

Embarrassing fact number 5:
I am the worst back seat driver EVER!!! I also have TERRIBLE anxiety, it kinda came with my post partum...anyway, its bad. Especially in traffic. I yell out suddenly... "brake, brake.. BRAKE!," "car!," "Holy crap!," "Ahh!," etc...its bad...I grab onto the side of the door, my knuckles go white... ya, totally embarrassing... Im ok when I drive though. Maybe its a control thing? I will say that I am much better in the car now though, opposed to right after I had my little man. And if I do start to feel a little..."overwhelmed," we'll say.. I don't look at the road. I strategically place the sun visor in a way that I cant see the road(day or night) or I lay my seat back....

We'll.. I think 5 is a good place to stop. I feel like we are closer now...don't you? :) I look forward to our next post together.(wow, that almost seemed, Mr. I should have been taking my shoes off to put on a different pair...) See ya! Im off to make some yummy pudding chocolate cookies(and yes, they are that good).  I think I need to give them to my neighbors above us.  The little man has discovered the joys of coming around the corner screaming at the top of his lungs to scare mommy... Im hoping they haven't called DCFS yet...


Trissy-T said...

I'm so glad to finally hear from you again! Welcome back to blogland!! Can't wait to learn more things about you!

Me said...

Add embarassing fact #6: You used to h.a.t.e one of your very bestest friends. Haha!

And, yes, you do have a very bad leg-shaving problem. I have to say that the thought crossed my mind a couple times that maybe you were a cutter because it was not natural for a person to have THAT many cuts from "shaving."

The girl in pink said...

HAHAHA!!! oh my...well I didn't h.a.t.e. you, I dont really h.a.t.e. anyone... but dislike strongly maybe. and the shaving thing is MUCH better I will say... all my scars are almost gone :)

Amy said...

Ha Ha I get sucked into reality shows too! But I have to say by far the worst one is the Jersey Shore! I can't help but watch it!

Jennifer Leigh said...

Um, you disappear for THREE months and come back here with no new pictures of your boy! Unacceptable! :) haha!

Jennifer and Jeff said...

Uh...I LOVE The Bachelor! I wish I lived closer to you so we could have parties together to watch it! ;)

I have to know the story about your boyfriend shooting you!! Spill it sister.

P.S. I can relate to you "ME" (whoever you may be) Meg didn't "like" me either in our younger days either. I hope she does now though!! I sure love her! lol. ;)