An on going facelift

This little blog is an on going process that I am tired of waiting to start til I have it "perfect." Nothing is ever perfect, even though I'd REALLY like them to be :) So if I seem scattered or the blog feels scattered. I or it probably is! haha! So please be patient with me.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Drab to Fab!!!

So... my friend introduced me to these fabulous ladies... and I seriously love them.  Is that weird?  It probably is... but I dont care....I love them, I love them and I dont care who knows it!! :) hahaha... anyway, they have the best makeovers ever.  The best thing about the makeovers is they are one, totally do able. and two are cheap to do!  WOOO! YAY!  Im seriously so excited about them.  I want to run out to DI or a thrift store right now,buy something that could be ugly beautiful and make it over!  So thats what Im going to do... See Ya!

Go here to check out there fabulous blog, become a follower and enter their giveaway! :)